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Our process

At Canada Debt Solutions, we advocate for our clients to eliminate unsecured debt by partnering with Licensed Insolvency Trustees, who will negotiate with your creditors to reduce up to 80% of your unsecured debt.

Our Debt Specialists are passionate about helping people. That’s why we treat each client with the utmost kindness and respect while learning about your financial situation and assessing your needs. We will customize debt programs specific to your financial situation that will allow you to feel empowered by taking back control of your finances and eliminating unsecured debt.

Our solutions

Consumer Proposals

A Consumer Proposal is a legally binding agreement between a debtor and their creditors. This agreement allows us to together with a Government Licensed Insolvency Trustee advocate and negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to reduce your debt up to 80% and freeze your interest rates at 0%

Debt settlement

This program is designed for consumers in debt that don’t meet the qualifications for a Consumer Proposal. It does not cover any government-related debt (Ex. Income taxes/student loans). This program helps if you are dealing with unsecured debt and have assets that exceed your debt ( High Income).

Home Refinance

A Mortgage or refinancing is when you renegotiate the terms of your existing mortgage loan agreement or take out a second mortgage using the equity in your home. You can refinance your mortgage to consolidate your debt and make lump sum payments.

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